Beppie’s Newsletter

Hi! Are newsletters something that intrigues you with new information about upcoming books and a look into the world of the author?  Or a nuisance to clear out of your inbox?

If it’s a nuisance, let me give you a quick wave and send you on your way.

If you’re open to new information, and a now-and-then check into the world of a slightly disorganized but wide-eyed and enthusiastic writer, then hang around and let me have your name and email address.

A couple of initial promises:
I will not inundate your inbox. I will only send newsletters when I have something to say—a new book or a new project or something sufficiently important to merit my time to write about it and your time to read it.
I do not expect response from you, unless there’s something in particular you want to say.
At the same time, if something I write is incorrect or I’ve got the drift wrong, do let me know.
Anytime you have had enough, you can unsubscribe with no hard feelings. I’ve dropped off a few lists myself.

How you sign up: